Hack Into Someones Facebook Account

"Please help me. Someone found out my facebook password and he did a lot of bad stuff and nasty things on it. I tried to change the password but it has been damaged. I really want a revenge for this action. I won't use it for a bad purpose, I just really need it. Please tell me about any program, software or method to hack someone's facebook password. Thanks a lot!"

Hack Into Someones Facebook Account
Hack someones Facebook account easily

- First, you need to find out his email and subscribe him to some shady gay porn sites. Finding his address or even his name by searching on intellius. Find out his family members name on there... even with their middle names. Use whitepages to get his home address and send him embarrassing things in the mail.

You can't get his password if you aren't on his network or you can't get his computer somehow. I wonder whether you are clever and smart enough to figure it out. But if you are patient, I think you will find out. Just stick with the above and you will feel content.

Software to hack into someones Facebook account

- Good luck with that. Facebook's Database is quite safe and secure, or even you could find some programs to help you access the database and get the information you want, you would be traceable and detected quickly. Regardless of no one bothers in the first place beause Facebook will patch the loophole or whatever the program uses. If you are not good at hacking but you have time to break into whatever information you want, you can't just hack into someones Facebook account by accident.

People need to realize to set up safe boundaries in order to prevent hackers from attacking their account. If you don't have a good knowledge on how a web works or how a computer runs, you won't be able to get passed those boundaries. Few of people actually know how to, but they tend not to share that knowledge to others.

Hack into someones Facebook account for free

- I have to say that there is no way to hack into someones Facebook account. Either you left your Facebook log in on a computer and someone had accessed too, or he guessed your password. If you hate his action, why wouldn't you stop to your intention anyway? You should be more mature than him.

Hack Facebook account effectively

- Hack into someones Facebook account is possible but really difficult. I would make a fake facebook of him and use his pictures and his name, and then add all friends on his friend list, after that make him look really dumb by posting silly status. That would be a perfect revenge.

How to hack into any Facebook account

- Hack into someones Facebook account for whatever reason is illegal action and with this question, you can be put in jail up to 20 years. You are so clever when you ask this question publicly to encourage others publish illegal information. The conspiracy of hack into someones Facebook account on a site will be monitored and stored all your detail for years by every police and government agency.

Hack into a Facebook account fastly

- As Colnic has mentioned, hack into someone Facebook account is an illegal action because it invades people's privacy, like reading stealthy someone's diary or letter. However, I think there are millions of videos on YouTube about the hacking methods and programs. But about 95 % of those videos is fake or virus prone... So I advise you to stop hack into someones Facebook account with your 5 % Chance.